St Charbels College

On 4 September 2012, a worker employed by Saint Charbel's College (St Charbel's) was injured when he fell through the library ceiling whilst undertaking maintenance work.

Alleged breach

Section 19 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act), as a person with health and safety obligations prescribed under Section 32 of the WHS Act.

Summary of undertaking

Activities St Charbel's will undertake include:

  • provide training for duty holders in work health and safety for staff and neighbouring schools
  • provide training for the Facilities Manager in Certificate IV Work Health and Safety
  • implement monthly tool box meetings for the maintenance team
  • review existing safety system and implement the Catholic Schools OHS System
  • implement work health and safety training via an eLearning module
  • review current work health and safety induction training for contractors and visitors
  • host an industry conference on the incident and lessons learnt
  • undertake a case study of the incident
  • coordinate a poster design competition with a work health and safety theme for students and their families
  • develop and implement a unit of teaching on work health and safety for pre-work experience students and students leaving school.

This undertaking has a total expenditure of $84,700.

Reasons for accepting the undertaking

  • The alleged contravention does not appear to be a section 31 Reckless conduct category 1 offence, which if it was the case, would preclude the proposed undertaking from being accepted
  • the nature of the alleged contravention and the actions taken by St Charbel's in response to the incident are assessed as being appropriate for consideration of an undertaking
  • the strategies proposed in the undertaking have been assessed as likely to deliver long term sustainable safety improvements in the workplace, industry and community

Date accepted

22 August 2014

Date completed

10 May 2019

Further information

You can view the Saint Charbel's College enforceable undertaking in full.

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