Exposure to silica dust

Safety information for people exposed to silica dust in their work including working with manufactured stone, tunnelling, foundry work or the civil and domestic construction industry (involving stone concrete, bricks and tiles).

What you need to know

Do you work in manufactured stone, tunnelling, foundry work or the civil and domestic construction industry (including work involving building products such as stone concrete, bricks and tiles)?

When products or materials containing silica are cut, ground, sanded or drilled, a very fine dust is created. This dust is harmful when inhaled and can lead to silicosis. Prevent exposure, by; providing adequate ventilation, cutting stone with water, using tools with dust capture and collection, cleaning up with a H or M vacuum or water and wearing the right dust mask. Look at the information below to learn about how to stay safe.

What you can do

Where to get help


Codes of practice:

Safe Work Australia guidance material:

Working safely with crystalline silica

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