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  1. New safety plan launched to help protect NSW workers

    Ministerial Media Release

    Workers will be better protected thanks to a new safety plan that aims to reduce injuries and fatalities in the manufacturing sector, Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said.

  2. Forklift load handling

    Safety Alert

    If you work with forklifts, watch this video for simple steps to handle loads safely.

  3. Don't cut old drums

    Safety Alert

    Flammable substances can still be present in old drums. Even if they have been cleaned and rinsed, the introduction of an ignition source can create a disastrous explosion. Cutting old drums isn't worth the risk - watch this video safety alert for more details.

  4. Unpacking glass sheets

    Safety Alert

    This safety alert reminds people who handle packs of glass sheets not to rely on the packaging to support the contents when the package is being lifted or opened.

  5. Working with horses

    Safety Alert

    Watch this video safety alert for ways to help keep you and your workers safe around horses.

  6. Working with hot oil

    Safety Alert

    Working with hot oil can cause burns as well as slips, trips and falls. Watch this video safety alert for tips on how to avoid hot oil injuries in your workplace.

  7. International day of mourning


    Remembering those who lost their life through a workplace incident or occupational disease

  8. Tree safety goes digital with new SafeWork NSW campaign

    Media Release

    A targeted digital campaign to promote safe tree work has been launched by SafeWork NSW today.

  9. NSW Government doubling down on quad bike safety

    Media Release

    SafeWork NSW and the NSW Police are joining forces to help keep farmers as safe as possible at work on the farm, Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said.

  10. Horse safety workshops


    Register onlineYou can also contact the local SafeWork office or email