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  1. Working with drilling rigs

    Safety Alert

    This safety alert highlights the hazards associated with drilling rigs and the action required to manage these hazards.

  2. Electrical safety

    Safety Alert

    Workers who work on or near electricity are at risk of burns, shocks and other serious injuries.

  3. Scaffolding collapse

    Safety Alert

    This safety alert highlights the potential risks of a scaffold collapsing and provides information about preventing it from happening.

  4. Working with horses

    Safety Alert

    Watch this video safety alert for ways to help keep you and your workers safe around horses.

  5. News Item #54495

    Safety Alert

    If you work in glass and glazing, be aware of common hazards and how to avoid injury.Watch this video for basic tips on how to store and handle glass safely.

  6. Agricultural chemicals and pesticides video safety alert

    Safety Alert

    Without proper handling, exposure to certain agricultural chemicals and pesticides and can lead to serious illness or death, often years later. It can affect you, your workers and your family. If you work with pesticides, watch this video safety alert for tips on how to stay safe.

  7. Risk of drowning around drainage pipes

    Safety Alert

    This safety alert warns people about the risks of becoming trapped and drowning at drainage or pipe inlets.

  8. Falling from heights at waste management facilities

    Safety Alert

    This alert highlights the potential risks of falling from a height at a waste management facility such as a landfill, waste transfer station or resource recovery centre.

  9. Truck driver loading a flatbed truck on the ground

    Safety video targets potentially fatal falls from flatbed trucks

    Safety Alert

    WorkCover today launched a hard-hitting new video safety alert to address the high-risk activity of loading and unloading flatbed trucks and trailers.

  10. Falls from flatbed trucks and trailers – safety alert

    Safety Alert

    An experienced truck driver died when he fell from a trailer during loading.