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  1. Heavy vehicles or trailers hitting or crushing workers

    Safety Alert

    This safety alert highlights the risks of workers being hit or crushed when working on heavy vehicles and trailers.

  2. Image of a hydraulic bulldozer piston excavator arm

    Hydraulic equipment and systems - hazards and safe practices for operation and maintenance

    Safety Alert

    This alert provides guidance to owners of hydraulic equipment, operators, and service technicians, as well as designers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers on the hazards and safe practices around the operation and maintenance of hydraulic equipment, or items of plant with a hydraulic system.

  3. Forklift load handling

    Safety Alert

    If you work with forklifts, watch this video for simple steps to handle loads safely.

  4. Working with hot oil

    Safety Alert

    Working with hot oil can cause burns as well as slips, trips and falls. Watch this video safety alert for tips on how to avoid hot oil injuries in your workplace.

  5. Guards and discs on angle grinders

    Safety Alert

    The purpose of this safety alert is to highlight the risks associated with removing guards and using incorrect discs on angle grinders.

  6. Working in extreme heat

    Safety Alert

    Watch our working in extreme heat video for simple tips on how to keep you and your workers safe.

  7. Unpacking shipping containers

    Safety Alert

    If you unpack shipping containers, be aware of the risks and know how to avoid injury. Watch this video for simple tips on how to stay safe.

  8. Building maintenance units and suspended scaffold cradles

    Safety Alert

    This safety alert reminds owners and users of building maintenance units (BMUs) and suspended scaffolds of the need for ongoing inspection of critical components.

  9. Asbestos found in imported fibre cement sheets

    Safety Alert

    This safety alert provides advice on building products that have been imported and found to contain asbestos.

  10. Working with electrical conduits

    Safety Alert

    This safety alert reminds workers of the dangers involved in cutting conduits that contain or are located near electrical circuits.