Unpacking glass and heavy materials

Safety Alert | 01/02/2017

This safety alert reminds people who unpack glass and heavy materials not to rely on the packaging to support the contents.


In December 2016, a glazier suffered fatal crush injuries while using an overhead crane to move packaged sheets of glass. Failure of the packaging was a contributing factor to this incident.

An increasing number of products are being received from overseas, where the methods and quality of packaging may vary considerably.

Action required

  • Never assume the packaging will support the contents.
  • Don’t rely on steel strapping to support a load.
  • Use appropriate restraints when removing packaging, or where there is a risk of the load shifting.
  • Ensure the work area is appropriate to perform the work – it should be a sufficient size without obstacles, allowing workers to move freely.
  • Ensure no-one is working under a suspended load, or wherever there is a risk should a load fail.
  • Keep suspended loads as close to the ground as possible.

Further information

See glass and glazing for more information on hazards and tips to stay safe, plus a video on storing and handling glass sheets.

The Guide for unpacking shipping containers has detailed information about hazards and control measures when unpacking shipping containers.

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