LPG cylinders should not be stored or used inside commercial kitchens

Safety Alert | 20/11/2017

This safety alert advises NSW workplaces not to store or use LPG cylinders located inside commercial kitchens. LPG appliances should only be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Recently two workers have been seriously burnt and there has been significant property damage as a result of portable LPG cylinders being located and used in commercial kitchens.

SafeWork NSW inspections of food businesses across the state have identified wide spread inappropriate use of portable LPG cylinders and incorrect use of gas appliances inside commercial kitchens.


The storage and use of portable gas cylinders which are located inside commercial kitchens can result in fire and explosion due to the unintended escape of LPG from gas cylinder valves, cylinder connections, regulators and flexible hoses.

Appliances designed for ‘outdoor use only’ must only be used outdoors in well ventilated areas. Indoor areas or confined spaces do not have sufficient ventilation to allow gas to burn properly.  This leads to a build-up of toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, which can lead to asphyxia and death.

Gas appliances should only be sold, installed or used if they have been certified for use in Australia by a certifying assessment body accredited by NSW Fair Trading or other state and territory regulator. The use of uncertified appliances may result in fire and explosion due to component failure or absence of safety features.

Appliances also need to be used with the correct gas. For example if an appliance is designed to use natural gas it is very dangerous to run it using LPG. Such use puts workers and customers at risk of fire, explosion and asphyxia.

Gas appliances need to be installed and maintained by a competent person to ensure they are functioning correctly and not creating a risk of fire. All work on gas appliances designed for connection to fixed consumer piping must be done by a licenced gas fitter.

Action Required

  • Ensure any LPG appliances in commercial kitchens are not connected to a portable gas cylinder located in the kitchen.
  • Remove any portable gas cylinders from inside commercial kitchens.
  • Check that any portable gas cylinders used to supply appliances are located on the outside of the building and that permanent piping is installed to connect to appliances inside.
  • Ensure all gas appliances, gas supply pipework and gas cylinder location for commercial kitchens are installed and maintained by a licenced gas fitter.
  • Only buy or use Australian certified gas appliances that are marked with an Australian recognised certification label.
  • Use LPG appliances only for their approved application.
  • Never use an outdoor appliance indoors.
  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Portable LPG cylinders must not be used or stored inside commercial kitchens

Portable LPG cylinders must not be used or stored inside commercial kitchens

Additional Information

For further information on LPG cylinder safety call 13 10 50 or visit www.safework.nsw.gov.au.


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