Statement of business ethics

Foreword from the CEO

The Safety, Return to Work and Support (SRWS) Code of conduct (the code) sets out the behaviour expected from staff, and SRWS relies upon our business associates being aware of and adhering to the same values when carrying out work on our behalf.

This Statement of business ethics provides guidance on the standards of behaviour, values and principles SRWS expects from its suppliers and contractors when doing business with SRWS.

SRWS is committed to a comprehensive statement of business ethics, which helps us maintain our good reputation among customers, business contacts, and the wider community. We expect our service providers who undertake work for us to act the same way.

Business principles

The principle of value for money is at the core of all of SRWS's business relationships with our suppliers.

Achieving value for money does not always mean selecting the lowest price. Rather, SRWS will balance all relevant factors in determining true value for money, including:

  • compliance with specific workplace health and safety, workers compensation and injury management legislation, regulations and codes of practice
  • quality
  • whole of life cost
  • reliability
  • timeliness.

SRWS will ensure that all its policies, procedures and practices related to tendering, contracting and the purchase of goods and services are consistent with NSW Government Guidelines and high standards of ethical conduct.

Responsibilities of contractors, clients and agencies

In dealing with SRWS, you are responsible for maintaining high ethical standards in all works. SRWS expects all parties to perform their duties with integrity. Behaviour must be courteous and adhere to all relevant laws and contractual obligations.

All business associates and staff are responsible for their own conduct and are expected to understand their responsibilities, what work is to be done, how it is to be done, and expected outcomes.

Safety is paramount and therefore all persons should ensure the safety of themselves and those around them. SRWS is responsible for providing a safe work environment. SRWS also has a duty to consult with all workers, including employees and contractors, where health and safety is concerned. In this regard, on appointment, contractors should familiarise themselves with the workplace consultation mechanisms and SRWS's policies relating to health and safety.

Fairness and equity

Everyone is expected to be honest, fair and non-discriminatory in their dealings with SRWS staff, clients, contractors, suppliers and their staff, as well as the public.

You should avoid causing distress or other forms of harm, respect other people's individual differences and rights, including their opinions, and treat all people with courtesy and respect.

What we ask of you

We require all suppliers to observe the following principles when doing business with SRWS:

  • Comply with SRWS's supplier engagement policies and procedures.
  • Maintain the highest standards of workplace health and safety.
  • Provide accurate and reliable information.
  • Declare conflicts of interest (real, potential, or reasonably perceived) as soon as you become aware of them.
  • Act ethically, fairly and honestly in all dealings with SRWS, or on SRWS's behalf.
  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent disclosure of SRWS information, noting that disclosure requires specific SRWS authorisation.

SRWS also requires that all suppliers not engage in business practices that will restrict or limit competition. In particular:

  • Never discuss or reach an understanding or arrangement with a competitor about supplies, process, terms, tenders, other competitors, or other factors relevant to competition.
  • Never try to influence another supplier's or competitor's dealings with SRWS.
  • Do not take advantage of others' disadvantages by acting unfairly or unconscionably.
  • Do not supply goods or services in a manner that contravenes legislation.
  • Do not mislead or deceive with advertising, predictions or opinions.
  • Refrain from discussing SRWS's business or information in the media.

Why is following this statement of business ethics important?

It is important to comply with this statement as compliance will provide you with the opportunity to bid for public sector work on an even playing field, and will also provide you with an increased capacity to undertake public sector works with similar compliance requirements in the future.

However, failure to comply with SRWS's Statement of business ethics may lead to the following consequences if any corrupt or unethical behaviour has occurred:

  • Termination of contracts.
  • Loss of future work opportunities.
  • Loss of reputation.
  • Investigation for corruption.
  • Matters being referred for criminal investigation.

Apart from the above considerations, behaving appropriately will enable you to advance your business objectives in a fair and ethical manner. As all our suppliers must comply with this statement, your compliance will not be a disadvantage.


Alcohol and drugs ('Fit for Work')

No person should enter any SRWS site or return to work if they are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that could impair their work or endanger themselves or others. All workers must be fit to safely perform the duties for which they are contracted. A worker who presents as a safety risk to themselves or others or is not fit to work due to illness or injury will be asked to leave the work place and seek appropriate medical advice.


SRWS expects its suppliers to take all reasonable steps to protect confidential information. Disclosure requires authorisation.

Conflicts of interest

All SRWS staff are required to avoid conflicts of interest and to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. SRWS extends this requirement to all our suppliers.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Contractors have a duty of care to the health and safety of their workers and the safety and compliance of any goods they supply. Induction onto all worksites should be undertaken on arrival with evidence of review of safe work guideline, policy and procedure. SRWS expects that all suppliers and workers comply with policies and procedures relating to health, safety and wellbeing.

Incentives, gifts and benefits

SRWS staff are not to solicit incentives, gifts or benefits in connection with their employment.

Our staff are unable to accept any gifts or benefits of more than nominal value.

If a gift is accepted the Code requires staff to immediately inform their manager and People and Culture Branch for recording in our Gifts and benefits register.

Intellectual property rights

In business relationships with SRWS, parties are expected to respect each other's intellectual property rights and formally negotiate any access, licence or use of intellectual property.

Personal information

You must abide by privacy legislation governing the collection, holding, use, correction, disclosure or transfer of personal information obtained through your dealings with SRWS.

Protected disclosures

If a SRWS employee discovers evidence of corrupt conduct, maladministration or serious waste of public resources and reports it, they may be protected by the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994. This Act protects public officials who disclose corruption-related matters from reprisal or detrimental actions and ensures disclosures are properly investigated and dealt with.

Public comment or statement

Non SRWS personnel must not make any public comment or statement that would lead anyone to believe that they are representing SRWS, or expressing its views or policies, whether at public and community meetings, via the media, or when it is reasonably foreseeable that the comment or statement will become known to the public at large.

Secondary employment of our staff

The Code details the limitations of secondary employment for its staff.

Use of SRWS equipment, resources and information

It is required that SRWS's resources and information be only utilised for official SRWS business.

Who to contact

If you have any questions regarding this statement or wish to provide information about suspected corrupt conduct, contact SRWS by letter, phone or email.

Phone: (02) 4321 5000

Correspondence marked confidential to:

Director, Finance
Safety, Return to Work and Support 
Finance & Services 

92–100 Donnison Street
Gosford NSW 2250



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