Amusement devices – duties of event organisers

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This guide summarises the duties of show organisers when hosting events that include amusement devices.

Published 25 September 2017

3. Site planning

Planning is essential and should be completed in advance, as last minute changes can be difficult.

Initial planning should include consideration of:

  • ground conditions
  • site access for delivery, set-up, dismantling and removal of the amusement device
  • available utilities e.g. water, power, existing amenities and other fixed buildings
  • site availability before and after the event for setup, dismantling and removal
  • proximity to permanent structures, such as fixtures and power lines

Once the devices are selected, the final plan should be developed and undertaken using a risk management process in consultation with those having knowledge, responsibility and/or experience in planning shows that include amusement devices. :

The final plan should include:

  • site layout plan, including location of each amusement device
  • size and requirements of each amusement device
  • site rules
  • setup/dismantling procedures
  • high risk work licence requirements during erection or dismantling
  • provision of power, water, amenities(permanent or temporary and whether they will be provided by the organiser, device operator or other entity)
  • fencing/separation of hazards eg - temporary generators, general purpose outlets (GPO’s)
  • traffic management plan, eg - trucks, forklifts, elevating work platforms.
  • crowd control procedures
  • whether animals/pets will be permitted
  • emergency procedures, e.g. emergency contacts, first aid provisions, evacuation plans
  • controls the supplier has in place to manage:
    • noise exposure for their workers
    • hazardous manual tasks
    • sun safety
    • fatigue
    • working at heights.