Child safety on farms: Fact sheet


Child safety on farms

Children on farms are at risk of injuries and death from drowning in dams, incidents involving horses, or being run over or falling from farm vehicles, such as trucks, utes, motorbikes and quad bikes. There are also dangers from coming into contact with hazardous chemicals and machinery.


  • Have a securely fenced play area for children.
  • Actively supervise children.
  • Provide shade for play areas.
  • Don't allow children to ride on farm vehicles unrestrained and ensure they wear seatbelts in cars, utes and trucks.
  • Don't let children operate or be carried as passengers on quad bikes.
  • Ensure children wear helmets when riding horses and motorbikes.
  • Don't allow unsupervised child access to silos, stockyards, chemical stores, workshops and other dangerous places around the farm.
  • Don't allow children in chemical-affected areas.
  • Keep chemicals and pesticides in a secure area.
  • Choose appropriate containers to store chemicals – don't use soft drink bottles or other drink containers.
  • Lock your workshop, chemical store and machinery sheds.
  • Remove the keys from machinery and vehicles when they are not in use.
  • Prevent access to silos with a ladder lock-out system, or by removing the bottom section of the ladder.
  • Ensure electrical outlets are not within easy reach of children, and ensure an RCD (residual current device) is fitted.
  • Fence water hazards, where possible.
  • Fit all tank wells with lids or strong mesh.
  • Have a first aid kit close at hand.
  • Undertake first aid and resuscitation training, where possible.

Further information

For more information on child safety on farms, see:

  • Farmsafe
  • Kidsafe New South Wales
  • Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety

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