Electing a health and safety representative

Workers elect the health and safety representative (HSR) after agreement on the work groups has been reached.

All workers in a work group are entitled to elect one or more HSRs and deputy HSRs for a three year term and the employer or business (or other PCBU) must provide any reasonably necessary resources, facilities and assistance to enable an election to be conducted.

We have provided some general information below to help you elect a HSR. It is a general guide only.

Calling for nominees

All workers can (and volunteers) are eligible to nominate and be elected as a HSR or deputy HSR for their defined work group.

We suggest notices calling for nominations be prominently displayed with a reasonable closing date. They should also be in a form that all workers can understand.

Conducting elections

After the nominations have been called an election can be conducted. 

The employ or business (or other PCBU) should make sure:

  • each worker in the work group is informed of the election date as soon as possible after the date is determined
  • all workers in the work group are given an opportunity to nominate for the position of HSR and vote in the election
  • all workers and relevant employers or business (or other PCBU) are informed of the outcome of the election

Notifying us

If you're an employer or business (or other PCBU), you must notify us of the HSRs and any deputy HSRs. This can be done online. 

You must also print a list of your current HSRs and deputy HSRs and their related work groups for display at the principal place of business and any other workplaces related to the work groups.