Other consultation arrangements

You can make alternative consultation arrangements that meet your business needs and improve decision making.

It may be more effective and meaningful to have an alternative arrangement for consultation if workers travel frequently or the business is small.

And some workplaces may need a mix of health and safety representatives, committees and other agreed consultation arrangements tailored to suit the workers and the work environment.

Other agreed arrangements for consultation on health and safety matters could be through:

  • regular scheduled meetings
  • team meetings (where work health and safety is always an agenda item)
  • one-off meetings
  • tool box talks
  • face to face discussions
  • briefing sessions.

Though other agreed arrangements do not need to be in a formal process, they must be planned and developed in consultation with workers and be consistent with your legal duties under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011(WHS Act).

Checklist for setting up other agreed arrangements

You must:

  • consult with the workers on how consultation will occur and explain the various mechanisms that are available
  • agree on how consultation will take place. The nature of consultation must be consistent with requirements of the WHS Act including ensuring information is shared and workers are given a reasonable opportunity to contribute
  • set up a plan to ensure consultation occurs as required under the WHS Act
  • set up consultation procedures and ensure they are discussed and reinforced regularly. A small workplace may choose informal agreed procedures, whereas a large workplace would require documented procedures
  • regularly monitor and review the consultation procedures to ensure they are the most effective form of consultation.

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