Small business rebates

We offer rebates to help small business in NSW.

The small business rebate gives up to $500 back to small business owners who buy and install eligible safety equipment to address a safety problem in their workplace. It is open to sole traders or small businesses with up to 50 full time employees or equivalent.

Eligible safety equipment

There is a wide range of safety equipment eligible for purchase and and/or installation under this program. Eligible items are listed in the application form, under these hazard areas:

  • manual tasks
  • hazardous noise
  • slips, trips and falls
  • injuries from moving objects
  • chemicals and dangerous goods

For more information on eligible safety equipment see the small business rebate application form.

Apply for a small business rebate

Step one

Attend an eligible free SafeWork safety workshop, live webinar, program, event, or have an advisory visit from one of our officers.

Step two

Select and implement you're eligible safety solution as listed in the rebate application brochure. Get a paid tax invoice and receipt (or proof of purchase). The item you would like to purchase must be purchased after you attend an eligible SafeWork safety event.

Step three

Complete and sign the rebate application form and attach a copy of your paid tax invoice and receipt. the items you are claiming for must be paid for, received and installed prior to your application date.

Step four

Send the rebate form to us within six months of the advisory visit, safety workshop, program or event by:

Terms and conditions

You can claim for more than one eligible solution on your application form but can only apply once for the small business rebate. For example, you could purchase a number of safety solutions to prevent falls from a height - such as scaffolding, edge protection, and industrial fall arrest equipment - and include all three invoices in your one rebate application form. 

The application form outlines the terms and conditions for claiming a rebate and the eligible solutions that qualify.