Safe work month toolkit

The kit will get you looking at various parts of workplace safety… some big, some small, but all simple to do.

We’ve created a poster, and suggested some simple tasks for you to do this month. You won’t lose time or sleep over any of them, but you’ll certainly get people talking about safety – and sometimes that can be one of the biggest hurdles!

Step one

Print your poster and put it up in the kitchen, office, or somewhere people hang around talking.

Step two

Grab the bundle of cards you received. Don’t read all the cards at once. Put them in a safe place and when you’re ready, look for Card No.1. This card is the first step towards creating a safety-friendly conversation at your workplace.

Step three

Stick the card up on the poster, read it, start a conversation around safety and complete the activity.

Each day, work through the cards and take some time to implement the ideas. You’ll be surprised how easy they are, and how quickly the idea of safety at work can become part of every working day!

Have fun and remember to post online how your workplace is getting into Safe Work Month!

Tag us at #DIYSafeWorkMonth and #safetystartswithyou, but don’t stop there - keep the safety theme going all year round and watch the results come back to you!

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