Nigel Smith – metal manufacturing: plant machinery accident

"All it took was a split second for my life to change forever."

Nigel Smith sitting

When Nigel Smith lost his left leg in an industrial accident, he didn't just return to work, he went on to represent his country in volleyball.

As a Paralympian and WorkCover ambassador, Nigel is an excellent example of someone who has returned to work and life with the support of his family, friends, and employer.

This video shows what happened when Nigel went back to his old workplace 22 years after having his leg amputated when it became caught in a chain conveyor on an industrial paint machine.

He endured numerous operations and months of rehabilitation before he was able to stand and move using a prosthetic leg.

But sport had always played a major role in Nigel's life before his accident and he was determined to pursue this passion despite his disability.

After mastering his prosthesis, the first thing Nigel did was head straight for the golf course and then, just four years after having his leg amputated, he became involved in elite volleyball.

He first represented Australia in the 1998 world championships for standing volleyball in Poland, before being chosen to play for Australia at the Sydney Paralympic Games in 2000.

Nigel enjoys fishing and spending time with his family and believes that workplace safety is everyone's responsibility and you should not leave anything to luck.