Kahi Puru – transport and warehousing: forklift/truck accident

"Failure is not an option. Age is no barrier. Keep trying new things."

Kahi Puru

When Kahi Puru was crushed in a forklift accident, doctors were not worried about saving his leg. They were worried about saving his life.

Kahi was 29 years old when his left leg was amputated at the hip following the accident. However, Kahi has gone on to become one of Australia's best bench press powerlifters, a devoted husband and father, and a qualified fitness instructor.

Refusing to let his disability restrict his life, Kahi has celebrated his achievements as a world-class athlete, having represented Australia at the Sydney Paralympic Games in 2000.

After mastering the strength and skill required in powerlifting, Kahi turned to a new challenge: hand-cycling. He has competed in several New York marathons.

His rigorous, six-day a week training regime is testament to his determination to succeed at whatever challenge lies ahead.

Married with four children, Kahi enjoys taking time out from his busy training schedule to spend time with his family, and has completed a fitness course through Newcastle TAFE.

As an athlete proudly sponsored by SafeWork NSW, Kahi's inspirational story sends a powerful message about the importance of workplace safety and the need for employers and workers to work together to ensure the safety of one another.