The Work Health and Safety Roadmap for NSW 2022 is a six year strategy that aims to protect workers from harm, reduce unnecessary compliance costs and secure safety standards in NSW workplaces. It is crucial for SafeWork NSW to be able to assess whether the design and implementation of activities under the roadmap are effective, and which activities need improvement.

The Work Health and Safety Roadmap for NSW 2022 Evaluation Framework provides a blueprint for ongoing evaluation over the life of the roadmap and will be reviewed and updated in line with the two-yearly review of the roadmap itself. The framework is also aligned to the Strategic Business Plan 2017/18.

Effective evaluation will ensure that we can measure the impact of our services and provide value to the people of NSW.

Evaluation results

We regularly conduct external evaluations of activities and programs. The findings contribute to measuring our performance against business and corporate plan indicators and help us make our programs more effective and efficient.

Summaries of recent research and evaluation activities conducted over the past two years can be accessed via the links below.

While this work has been undertaken according to valid and rigorous methodology, SafeWork NSW acknowledges that any such research is only the perceptions and actions of a sample of the broader population.